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In our short history, CST has grown from a small family owned business with four employees, to the second largest private label soap company in the USA. We are very proud of our heritage albeit just 21 years. From a single soap line producing small runs of high quality soaps all being hand wrapped, to six full production lines, including high speed lines able to produce 150,000 bars per day, we are proud to be of service to some of the biggest and best retailers, amenity providers and private label companies in the world.

Over the 20 plus years of our existence, we have been fortunate to be able to add liquid products to our extensive line of bar soaps. Our products include liquid soaps, body washes, skin softening lotions and body butters, body balms, etc. in a wide array of formulas including organic and sustainable offerings.

In 2012, we installed the first new base making facility in the USA to service the needs of other soap companies which require the highest quality base material to produce their bar soaps. The state of the art production facility is capable of producing over 50 million pounds of base in various formulations. From standard tallow based products to vegetable base material, organic, sustainable, custom blended, etc., are all now available to our customers. Our system is computer controlled and only uses 20% of the energy that older versions of base making use. It generates no by-products that are normally created with kettle process and assures our customers of a base that is consistent in composition and characteristics. We now offer our assortment of base soaps in both 1800 pound super sacks and 50 pound bags.

We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Edward N. Layne President, CEO

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