Packaging Photo


There are so many creative and wonderful ways of packaging your product. Our team stands ready to help you in any way we can.
Here are some of the types of packaging that are made available to you and a brief outline of their benefits:

Folding Carton:

Often used because of the large amount of information which can be printed on the carton to inform the customer of the characteristic and benefits of the bar enclosed. There are many forms and types of materials that can be used to produce the package and we can guide you to the one that would best suit your product and message.

Set up Box (rigid box):

We offer a wide array of set up boxes from hand made to machine manufactured. This type of package is well suited for both sets of bars and single bars. Our design team stands ready to help you get the graphics and the type of box you desire.

Cello Wrap (cosmetic wrap):

Very elegant and used to enhance the quality of the product. It is used in many cases by fragrance houses to wrap their highest quality bar soap products. Sometimes used as the final package, it is usually accompanied by a very high quality folding carton.

Paper wrap:

We offer a large assortment of paper wrap options, from hand paper wrapped to high speed depending on the size of the product. Our team will help you decide which is best for your product.

Flow Wrap (sometimes called doboy wrap):

This clean almost air-tight wrap can be used for a host of products. It is especially good to minimize fragrance loss. It can be used as the primary package when developed with graphics of your choice or as a secondary package to preserve the freshness of the bar and then placed in a folding carton or another container.

And many more options...

Belly bands, sollas wrap, multi-packs, hand assembled sets, tins, and more are all available to you in the size shape and quality you need.