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The heart of your product is the formulation and here at CST we have a fully operational pilot plant that can produce an endless array of samples for your use in determining the exact fragrance, additive, shape and base type you require. Since we are a fully intergraded soap facility, we start by producing the specific soap base that is required. From standard toilet base made with all edible material (tallow and coconut oil), to all vegetable base, once again made with only the finest edible materials, to organic and sustainable bases that are precision made using our state of the art computerized base making facility. Our base facility produces over 25 million pounds of various soap bases for our own use, as well as other soap converters, state governments, and base distributors.

After your base is selected, we source the necessary fragrance and additives you request, then color it to your specifications in the size you select. We currently maintain an inventory of over 250 various soap tools that run on our variety of soap stamp machines. Most are available to you and can be customized with your own logo.


Our manufacturing operations consists of a multitude of machines capable of producing as many or as few bars as you require. Our machines span the range from tried and true pressing systems to state of the art, high speed, self-cleaning systems. From SAS Condors, to Binnacchi USN-300, to Binacchi USN-2200 high speed units. We currently utilize six soap lines following GMP procedures that ensure your product is to the standard you expect and deserve.


In 2012, CST invested in the first fully computerized base making system in the US in over 40 years. Our decision has proven to be one that has given our customers a wide array of options to use the highest quality base soap available. The system operates around the clock under the guidance of our qualified technicians. We now produce for our own use and outside customers, fair trade organic, sustainable, standard toilet base (made with all edible ingredients), all vegetable base using an assortment of oils, all edible tallow for the laundry industry, and a host of specialty bases that are requested by our customers. The plant currently produces in excess of 25 million pounds per year but has the capacity to produce 50 million pounds and can be expanded to yield over 100 million pounds per years when needed. The state of the art process creates no waste as compared to the 1900’s kettle process, and uses half the labor and 10% of the energy the kettle process does.

We package our base in 1800 pound super sacks and 50 pound clear bags for customer convenience, all available to ship the same day an order is placed.

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